Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Opening Your New Website

Owning your own domain is EZ you can buy domains at places like for as little 8.00 a year then find a website hosting company like to host your domain with for as little as 20.00 a month. The DIY sites offer very easy to use building tools for you to learn on how to build your site with no knowledge of using HTML. If you opened your site with someone it is a #1 big NO NO to have them buy and own the domain name your going to use. Years ago I did this not knowing that if I decided to move my website they may keep the domain, site graphics and email as there own and then I would no longer be able to use that name, graphics and email. This was very upsetting because I had worked so hard with building this site and submitted my site to as many places found in the internet I had steady sales and was stuck in this hosting place or had to start all over again. So if you want your own site and OWN your domain name you need to go and set this all up then your ready to move to the next step of building your new site.

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