Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Nutters and Judy update

Well most of our members know that we both have been very busy.
Shawnette has moved into her new home and getting settled she has also made it through 2 full chemo treatments she only has 4 more to go !! She is a trooper and such a strong lady. They have had so much to deal with in the last few months so please keep her whole family in your thoughts.

Judy ... She has finley moved into her new house but still plenty of boxes to unpack. She has moved her parents in with her family to care for them they are both quite ill Her dad has Parkinson's and her mom has Alzheimer's. It will take some time to adjust to all these changes in all living together.

We normally do not bring in our personal life in our posts but thought that many of our members have wondered how everything is going with both of the girls.

Spot Light Crafter ( May -June )

WOW we are really behind on updating our blog with the Crafters Spot light so Carly Sabins will be in our spot light until mid June !!
Click Here to View Carly Sabins Website

~Alittle about Caryl~
Hi! My name is Carly Sabins. I am a stay at home mother of two beautiful daughters, Tess& Riley. I have an awesome husband named Ben. We have been married for almost 11 years. I have three black Miniature Schnauzers, Hansel, Heidi, and Fritz. I live in the small town of Bryan, Ohio. Let me tell you how I got started sewing. My Grandmother taught me to sew when I was 7 years old. After I got married my husband bought me my first sewing machine. I began making my own curtains and slipcovers for my furniture. After my daughters were born I started making clothes for them. One of the first items I made were flower girl dresses for each of my daughters. I made them out of satin and since I could not read a traditional pattern I had to create my own pattern. It was pretty tricky! Let's just say through a few tears, (mine and my daughters), much blood, (mine), and a lot of sweat (did I mention it was my brothers wedding?), the dresses turned out great. After that I began to make quilts. My first quilt I made I gave to my Grandmother. That is when my fabric hoarding insanity began! If I liked it, I bought it! I still make quilts but I like to tinker with new projects. A few years ago I took a purse making class at a local fabric shop. It was so much fun! I love to combine different fabrics and textures. This led to me making purses for most of my family. In the Spring of 2007, I went purse shopping for something to match some of my new clothes and I could not find anything that I liked or was my style. So, I bought more fabric and made a few purses of my own. I showed them to my family and a few friends and they loved them! So...I made some more! Since I am a purse junkie now, I HAVE to keep making them! And since I cannot possibly carry all the ones that I design I have to share them with the world. I am having so much fun creating my own patterns and letting the fabric tell me which pattern it should be! I hope to keep creating purses as long as I can!
Now isn't that a great story thank you so much Carly for sharing with us. I also have to add I own one of her OOAK Hand Bags and just Love it!!

April and May new members !!

Drop by and visit our newly listed websites in the Crafters Peddler Village ( CPV ) here is just a few listed below but we have much more listed under all our categories !!!

Cherished Templates , Bath Body & Bliss , Artsy Crafty Folks , Log Cabin Crafters , My LiL Craft Barn , Limestone Hill Primitives , Country Primitives Needle Works , The Gingerbread Barn

New Staff Member

Welcome aboard our "New Staff Memeber" newsletter editor Talena Bacon of Sew Cute Dolls & More. She has been in the retail/crafting business for over 17 years you can read more about Talene on our " About Us " Page !!