Wednesday, August 29, 2007

September Spot Light Crafter

Denni is new aspiring pattern maker! Her dolls are so precious but prim.
Here is alittle about Denni.
How long have you been crafting?
Denni : about 4 years
What is your favorite Medium when crafting?
Denni : I love dolls
Who inspired you to start crafting and how old where you?
Denni : I have a good freind by the name of LeeAnn who got me into crafts. We still to this day craft together. I was about 22 when I got started. I became a stay at home mom then so I needed some sanity~~lol.
What is your favorite Color?
Denni : Green
What is your favorite Comfort Food?
Denni : Ice cream
If there was any place you would like to visit where would it be and why? Denni : I would love to visit the south. I think the plantations and things would be fun!! Then Hawaii
What do you see new for the up coming 2008 with crafting?
Denni : More dollies
What are a few of your favorite places to visit and shop online?
Denni : I love Shawnette's website!!~~it's cute!!! I like ebay to find deals on fabric and I love Sew Many Prims website for supplies and dollies.
Name a few of your favorite Artist?
Denni : Sew Many Prims, Imseeingraggedies, HomespunHugsand CalicoKisses, Between Friends I have alot of favorites
Where did you grown up?
Denni : Utah. I'm still here too!!~Maybe one day I will venture out!!~~lol.

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