Friday, February 1, 2008

February 1st trivia answers!

For our newsletter readers, I am sure you are wanting to find the answers to the Trivia! Here you are...along with the original questions for those that may not have seen :)

1 - What percentage of women send themselves flowers on Valentines Day?

Answer: 15%!

2 - About how many Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged each year?
A – 1 million
B – 200 million
C – 750 million
D – 1 billion

Answer: D

3 - Hallmark has how many different cards that are specifically for Valentine’s Day?
A – 200
B – 800
C – 1300
D – 2500

Answer: C

4 - What percentage of pet owners give their pet a gift on Valentines?
A – 3 %
B – 10%
C – 25%
D – none

Answer: A

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