Wednesday, June 11, 2008

CPV Updates

Website tips ~ During the summer time things kind of get slow so this is the time to do some spring and summer cleaning in your websites and make a few changes. I like to go into all our websites we have listed make sure the links are good website have not closed etc.. We have found that banners are nice but the text is much better with search engines so we have changed some of our packages due to this reason. What is much better is rich in text and having good keywords in your text with exchanged links with your website. So we are offering just banners or just text and combo pak with both banner and text in the CPV.

#1 Today we updated and cleaned up all our links under all the categories fixing all the text with same font and size.

#2 We removed a few categories Pottery, Baskets, and Craft Supplies we have had these areas listed for over a year now and no one has seemed to need these areas to list under even for free when we offered. If you need a category we do not have showing please email us a request we would be happy to add this for your website.

#3 Next phase will be going into all categories and placing a text link with all our ads who have done Banner and Text we wish to make our pages as friendly to search engines so it help everyone who has advertised with us under our categories.

#4 in the next few weeks we will be updating our Members Directory. This will be our A to Z list of all websites listed with us in text only.

#5 We are gearing up for another new big GIFT GIVEAWAY !!! If your interested in being a sponsor.

Please email us at ... info (AT) ... remove the (at) and spaces in the email.

Check back often at the Village Blog / Crafters Peddler Village for updates.

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