Sunday, June 10, 2007

Building a Terranium

While at my local nursery I wandered inside into the greenhouse where they keep all the indoor plants and found the neatest little rabbit foot's fern that I just couldn't resist . Wondering what I could do I remember a large clear bowl I had at home and decided to make a simple terranium to place on one of my bookcase shelves in the living room. I love terraniums because they take so little care and are so easy and simple to do. Here are the simple directions for what I did to make it.

1. Clean and dry the bowl completely
2. Place some clean rocks in the bottom, then add charcoal ( the charcoal stops mold from growing in this damp environment you create inside the bowl) then just enough potting soil for the plant.
3. Remove the fern from its plastic container and place into the soil.
4. Give just a bit of water and wipe the smudges off the bowl.

Thats all I did - most terraniums have a lid but this one wont so I will have to water more often- just be sure you dont over water !
Written and Submitted by Debbie- Two Old Crows

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Anonymous said...

I have made terraniums before, but wanted to make one that actually closed with a lid that I could open whenever I wanted. So this is what I will be working on now. For the ones that have bowls without lids, you could always use a bit of plastic wrap or some heavy clear plactic to cover the bowl. Either one works just fine.
Thanks for your post.